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La Porte was founded with inclusivity at it’s very core. We’ve always been here to honor what makes each woman unique, confident, and beautiful. And while we know the depths of our roots when it comes to what we stand for, we felt it was time to share our commitment to diversity and inclusion. La Porte will always be a place where women of all shades, shapes, and sizes are celebrated for who they are, and exactly as they are.  
At La Porte, we do not bend to the rules of perceived perfection, we do not bow to the toxicity of idealistic beauty, in fact we rebel against it. We are the non-conformist. We believe that you are perfect just the way you are and we have the policies and practices to prove it. 
We have a strong no photoshop policy on all of our content across every. single. platform.  Stretch marks, lumps, bumps, we're here for it all. We don't slim, crop, or coverup anything. This extends to hair and make up, we want women to feel confident and sexy expressing their fullest self.  We remain committed to diverse representation of skin color, size, shape, and height in all of our casting, campaigns and content to ensure we reflect the diversity we value in our La Porte community.
Come as you are, beautiful.