The Brand

Founded in 2016, the brand pays homage to its French roots with its name LA PORTE. Meaning "door", the line conceptualizes each collection as a point of connection amongst people, places, and cultural movements. The label redefines swimwear as a livable luxury with versatile design and the highest quality fabrics.

Proudly made in New York City, a portion of every sale is donated to a non-profit dedicated to opening doors and empowering women. LA PORTE is committed to delivering products that make women feel confident, sexy, and powerful.

The Founder

Born in Cape Cod, owner and designer Jo Davenport Calica lived every summer dreaming about her next bathing suit, vacationing in the BVI's and growing up on Bass River, she could always be found at the beach or sketching in the sand. She credits her parents for her deep love of the water. Jo started LA PORTE to bring an empathetic take on swimwear and to help women feel their best. Today, she lives in Chicago, travels frequently, and pets every dog she sees (even if it makes her late).