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Hey Lover

the second installment of swim & rtw for the modern romantic

Welcome to the Spring Summer 24 Collection

It was 1965 when The Daughters of Eve released their greatest hit ‘Hey Lover” propelling the eruption of feminine evolution, empowerment and freedom. A chapter in our feminine history that ultimately created the women of today. This curation embodies joy, romance, whimsy, and the je ne sais quoi of summer love. Our floral and textural motif throughout the collection parallels the delicate layers of innate femininity: Complex softness with bold hues, balanced by each detail and harmonized by their silhouette. This is what it means to be a woman. To love. To be loved. Just as you are.

Discover the collection

Hey Lover

Limited edition prints and eyelet, custom dyed moire silk and never ending romantic looks

Summer Love

Hand-drawn prints, sear sucker gingham and dainty eyelet complete our romantic collection

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