How do I make a return?

  • Easy! Simply Place your returned items (tags on please!) in the re-sealable bag, place or tape your return shipping label on the bag peel off adhesive strip, press and seal the bag, drop it at your nearest fed ex, or schedule a pick up. Done and done! please note if you return an item without tags, you will be charged for that item, so check your items before you return them.

 Do I have to Pay for Return Shipping?

  • No, we provide free shipping – both ways!

 How long do I have for my at home try on?

  • You have 5 days to return any items that don’t fit.

 What if I don’t like the items or none of it fits right?

  • We’ll be sorry it didn’t work out, but just place your items in the bag and follow the return instructions. We will refund your money upon receiving the items.

 What if I want to keep all the items in my package?

  • Wonderful! Since you’ve already paid for your first suit upfront, we’ll charge your credit card or PayPal.